Konsep Pendidikan Salat Pada Anak Usia Tujuh Tahun

  • Ahmad Fauzi Institut Agama Islam Faqih Asy'ari (IAIFA) Kediri, Indonesia
Keywords: Prayer education, age of seven years


Prayer education for children from an early age has a goal so that a child has a sense of responsibility to always maintain the prayer properly so that when one is grown up, he or she is expected to be accustomed to do the prayer and will not leave it. Given that the importance of education prayers since the age of seven, then understanding the Islamic concept of mentioned case is really needed.

By processing data from various sources , the researcher found the concept of prayer education  on seven years children namely : (1) Instructingchild to do prayers while taught themby paying attention to the terms, pillars, steps, and also things that are still related with prayers such as wudlu and others ; (2) Instructingwhile scaring themwith the threat of Allah , givingsupport in order to be willingly do prayer, or by creatingsupportive conditions; (3) Children should already reach age of seven years and Mumayiz .