Birokrasi, Perilaku, dan Budaya Organisasi dalam Pendidikan Islam

  • Ainur Rofiq Institut Agama Islam Faqih Asy'ari (IAIFA) Kediri, Indonesia
Keywords: Bureacracy, Behaviour Organization, and Culture Organization


In the educational institution, organization is very important to increase the process and function of education. The man who has much knowledge in the organization, it will make wide knowledge and strong personality. The main purpose of bureacracy is to give servise for public easy and fluently. In the education perspective, bureacracy has a high goal to increase educational quality easy. When the educational institution was able to good, the process and educational function make maximum. Behaviour organization is science which studies about human behaviour. It has connection between human behaviour and organization. the organizational culture and education have relationship strongly. The educational concept has raised of human level as high creature, which has ability to create value and function of culture. The organizational culture can effect a new positive things in the education. It come from outside interaction. So, it will be a new culture in the education , especially to increase educational institution.