Penerapan Ibadah dalam Membentuk Akhlakul Karimah Siswa

  • Mega Dwi Susanti STISFA Kediri


The role of islamic religious education is very important in equipping students especially in matters of
worship. Then the learning process should be taken more seriously. So they can equip students to grow the
next generation of civilized people. Therefore the quality of islamic religious education needs to be improved,
especially the formation of praiseworthy behaviors especially morality.
The results of this research, the author conclude that (1) the pure worship kind in forming students is
through two forms of process and result. The process consists of various kinds such  are ablution, dhuhur
prayers in congregation, paying zakat, and fasting in the month of Ramadan, praying before anf after the
lesson, reading Al Waqiah, reading yasin and tahlil letter, reading Qur’an, and slaughter of animal. The good
caracter which is formed from the application of worship such as having awareness, responsibility in carrying
out duties to Allah, behaving well. While the results have been successful so as to provide a positive impact
for children are getting used to and can run smoothly. And cultural practices is conducted by assessment in
the student assessment book.  (2) The impure worship kind in forming student’s good character is through two
forms of process and result. The process consist of  learning, greeting with teachers, Friday’s donation, halal
bihalal, and compensation for orphans and poor. Good character that is formed that is simple life. While the
results are generally quite successful and can have a positive impact for students.